Supermarket shopping is for most people something of a tedious chore, many dreading having to walk through gloomy isles to search for the same habitual products, but an event such as the Disco Im Supermarkt managed to transform the mundane supermarket environment into a fantastical experience.

On the 7th of November 2015, in collaboration with Dutch PR and marketing agencies White Rabbit and Shoreditch Agency, German supermarket chain Kaiser’s hosted in its Lichterfelde Berlin branch one of the most exciting retail events of the season, an in-store disco party.



With a LED dance floor, a micro bowling alley, a mobile silent disco cart and an open beer bar supplied by event co-host and sponsor, Warsteiner – everyone present enjoyed themselves, from the guests to the security and shop cashiers.

The inception of the concept itself has become something of an urban legend. It’s rumoured that the founders, based in Holland, were inspired by an anonymous ‘suggestions’ post left in a store requesting for it to be transformed into a nightclub for an evening. The first party, hosted in April 2014 in a branch of the Dutch supermarket chain Albert Hejin, was a resounding success. Similarly, 10 minutes after bookings were opened, the tickets for the Berlin event were already sold out, demonstrating the demand and interest from the public.




Packed with television cameras from news channels across Germany, the media attention received highlights the buzz that can be generated by transforming the routine. Indeed, the majority of guests interviewed stated that the main reason for their attendance was the novelty aspect of having fun in a retail space, which they considered as unconventional, and therefore unmissable.

An event of this scale would not have been possible without the help of the PR and marketing agencies who planned the event down to the smallest detail. Such form of collaboration demonstrates once more that retailers can benefit from thinking outside of the box and working with non-retail experts to appeal to consumers on a human level; and as the memories of the quirky night remain imprinted in both Berlin’s retail and party scenes, it’s very likely that this bold experimentation will be to the credit of all those involved, Kaiser’s in particular.

An innovative event such as the Disco Im Supermarkt is helping to pave the way for a more experiential appreciation of retail. Only time will tell if other retailers will take note and follow suit, and continue to experiment with the retail environment.


Written by Rosamund Pearson


Video: Esteban Rivera, Photos: Charles Gonzalez