Window Shopping Frost Drawing for GoMA (2012) by Gosia Wlodarczak
(Detail view of the internal glass wall at night)18-day (160 hours) drawing performance on the Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art entrance – two glass walls. Size, app.: 105 m2. Understanding the window’s ‘dress circle’ location at the front of the building as a site for display and self-presentation, she extends the performance by donning different daily outfits, drawing attention to her passion for clothes and the role that dressing-up plays in her emotional life. The viewer may participate through communication with the artist on one side of the glass or as a ‘window-shopper’ on the other side, setting up an inside/outside dialectic in which different modes of looking and interaction are mediated by the glass membrane. At the centre of it all is the artist’s body as a performer/mannequin, taking in the parade of looks and encounters, and using the medium of drawing to look back…” Russell Storer Gosia Wlodarczak: Body Lines Contemporary Australia Women exhibition catalogue 2012


Photo: Gosia Wlodarczak and Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane


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